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What is life without sound?

In a busy world, where you work, travel, meet out with loved ones, cater for the family, actively participate in one association or the other, without sound all these moments are lost. Simply put, there are way too many things out there, to do, experience and enjoy to let the burden of your hearing impairment weigh you down or deprive you of such events.

What we do

Audiology represents the science of hearing, balance, and other related disorders. At Morris Audiology, we provide a full spectrum of hearing services tailored to suit the hearing needs of all patients irrespective of their ages. Our experienced team will carry out a variety of different tests, based on the patient’s ability, age and also whether the patient has a specialist hearing problem (including tinnitus and hearing loss).

After completion of these tests, the team proceeds to make recommendations and provide the necessary rehabilitation. We are fully aware hearing aids are highly sophisticated and delicate instruments, and it may also take time for you to get used to wearing them. Hence, we cap it all by providing all our customers with follow-up care and support to help get them completely comfortable with the hearing aids and also to keep the aids in top performance for a lengthy period.

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Hearing Evaluation

We test your ability to hear the softest sounds for a wide array of tones alongside your ability to detect and understand speech sounds for words issued at a normal listening level.

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Hearing Screenings (All Ages)

We provide a hearing loss screening service to ascertain your hearing abilities. A comprehensive, diagnostic hearing evaluations for all individuals irrespective of their ages.

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Hearing Aid Maintenance

We'll help with fittings, follow-up visits, consultations, and even the warranty of your hearing aid.

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Hearing Aid Products

With years of experience working with top manufacturers and models, we provide only the best hearing aids and accessories.

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Hearing Aid Assistance

We can help you choose the best devices for your unique listening requirements and fit them perfectly to each ear.

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